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Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

It all began in 2010 with Christmas decorations. Since RCCL has been working on building the Quantum series, the internationally acting greening specialists have been outfitting all of the new ships with plant decorations. The Anthem of the Seas is the second ship of the series to have been outfitted by DAUERFLORA and the third largest cruise ship that has been built by 2015. RCCL insisted on decorating this particular ship with living plants wherever possible. In places where it was too dark to work with living plants or in circumstances in which it simply was not viable, for some reason or other, DAUERFLORA of course had another convincing solution for this. The artificial palm trees in the solarium spa area, for example, were pre-manufactured specifically for the Anthem of the Seas in Hamburg. They now conceal the structural supports of the ship and at the same time are the highlight of the jungle.
The Hamburg-based company has also adorned the suites, the promenade as well as the outdoor and indoor areas in green array. A further highlight are the removable „succulent landscapes“ in the theatre lifts on which the nightly entertainment acts are lifted and carried from the backstage area.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

The plants and arrangements on the celebrity ships are reserved. The greenery is elegant and subtle. The selected plants and containers create an inviting atmosphere without making the rooms appear overloaded. Sometimes less is more, this also applies to plant decorations.

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