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Since 1989, DAUERFLORA has been known for its creative and technical professional solutions around long-lasting spatial greening. We would like to present to you here some of our customised solutions for commercial and public properties that we have implemented over the past 25 years. The examples show various designs derived from live, artificial and preserved plants, rounded off by the appropriate containers, furniture and accessories.

Perhaps you’ll find one or the other idea here for the long-lasting greening of your premises. If you’ve come upon something that’s of interest to you, or you have your own ideas and vision, speak to us or send us an e-mail. Together, we’ll develop a tailored solution specifically for your property and we’ll implement it in just the way you want.


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Since 1989, DAUERFLORA has been known for its creative and professional solutions around long-lasting greening of open spaces, shopping centres and shops. Individual solutions for commercial and public properties comprise live, artificial and preserved plants – rounded off with matching planters, furniture and accessories such as LEDs. DAUERFLORA has many years' of experience and creative know-how in providing greenery for restaurants of any type – from dining rooms in hotels, buffets and canteens through to theme restaurants on cruise liners. In the area of wellness and spas, DAUERFLORA has a panache for creating great ambience and flair in swimming pool and pool facility areas on luxury cruiser liners such as the AIDA, and in pool surroundings and luxurious spas. Additional specialities include creative greening of foyers and lobbies, terraces and sun decks, as well as outdoor areas using live and artificial plants. Landscapes and solitary plants create visual impressions in rooms, and provide ambience – table decorations, flower bouquets and elaborate floral displays are decorative highlights for any event. And for Christmas, DAUERFLORA designs individual festive decorations, both small and large: from charming floral displays to halls teeming with a profusion of embellishments, from dainty shrubs for the entrance area to huge decorations.