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Norwegien Cruise Line

The second-oldest cruise customer of the Hamburg-based greening expert has commissioned DAUERFLORA to work on all its ships thus far. Thus, the newest ship, the Escape, has also been assigned to the Hamburg-based company – as were most preliminary NCL fit-outs.

While, in terms of style, decorations previously tended to be opulent and colourful, today green spaces are required to be significantly more contemporary and elegant. NCL nowadays places a premium on live plants wherever possible. There is a long list of areas fitted out by DAUERFLORA. The Hamburg-based company is responsible for the greening of spas, restaurants, lounges, arcades and reception areas, as well as suites.


In the outdoor area, the plants and planters have also been planned down to the last detail. Due to the particular demands outdoors, NCL prefers to use a few artificial plants that are extremely robust and yet beautiful.


NCL loves everything special. In days gone by, profusions of flowers were used as decoration, while the newer cruise liners boast exceptional vases and elegant plants. In any event, the selected plants provide a special feast for the eyes.


Restaurant greenery always conjures up a certain cuisine, be it Mediterranean, Asian or country style. The decorations make this easily recognisable, thereby mentally preparing guests for the delicious fare to come.


On cruise liners, the spa always plays a special role. It creates a calming, sophisticated ambience to ensure that guests experience a feeling of well-being.

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