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Here, you’ll find a collection of current press articles and television features on DAUERFLORA. They will give you an insight into our work, the trajectory of the company and the most exciting projects we have carried out for our customers.


PDF DownloadCruise Liner in Hamburg:

Cruise Liners in Hamburg

Bloomage for the Ocean

This lavishly illustrated maritime almanac, issued by the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, documents the work carried out by DAUERFLORA on large cruise ships. Among other things, the reader learns how the Hamburg-based greening design company draws upon its expertise to create key design elements for all AIDA ships and why TUI even sends in-house florists to DAUERFLORA for the finishing touches.

PDF DownloadHamburger Abendblatt:

Hamburg Evening Newspaper

An abundance of Hamburg in the “AIDAblu”

The Hamburger Abendblatt provides an insight into everything that DAUERFLORA has “planted” and created, drawing upon its greening design solutions. Artificial and preserved plants were used to create some 260 square metres of hedges and woodland comprising 65 cypresses and 34 large trees, making for the exact atmosphere that AIDA wishes to create for its guests.

PDF DownloadCruise & Ferry Info:

Cruise & Ferry Info

DAUERFLORA, a flourishing business

The English article outlines DAUERFLORA’s trajectory, work and success. In addition to the story surrounding the company’s establishment, the reader also learns how the two Managing Directors, Barbara Bressem and Dirk Ebeling, found their calling, took over the company and developed it into what it is today.


Floral decorations for luxury liners

This article uses a number of images to document the work of DAUERFLORA., citing the example of AIDAdiva. Alongside punctuality, reliability and solid quality, floristic talent and knowledge of the specific requirements of cruise ships were called into play on the AIDA. Because a pleasing holiday atmosphere on the AIDA ships is also rooted in the expertise of the company DAUERFLORA.

PDF DownloadHamburger Morgenpost:

Hamburg Morning Post

The flower man of the “AIDAdiva”

This article very engagingly describes how preserved palms must be processed so as to comply with the special requirements on board a cruise ship like the AIDA. The reader learns why preserved plants are so ideal for deployment on luxury liners – and where the 2.7 tonnes, in total, of “green stuff” are put into use on a cruise ship.

PDF DownloadHamburger Abendblatt:

Hamburg Evening Newspaper

An abundance of Hamburg in the “AIDAdiva”

This background article describes how Hamburg-based architects, entertainers, supply firms and DAUERFLORA, too, rig out and support the AIDAdiva so that everything proceeds smoothly and is to the guests’ liking. Without all these Hamburg-based trades, no AIDA would be what she is: a real “dreamboat”.

PDF DownloadHamburger Abendblatt:

Hamburg Evening Newspaper

Floral dreams for “dreamboats”

This Hamburger Abendblatt article is devoted to the continuous growth and success of the company DAUERFLORA, which enjoys a very good reputation worldwide. DAUERFLORA doesn’t just win over clients because of its high-quality and creative work but also by virtue of the skilled maintenance and refurbishment of the plant unit.

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DAUERFLORA: The specialist for professional and creative greening design.

Since 1989 Dauerflora has been providing individual solutions for professional and creative greening designs. Besides well-known cruise liners such as the AIDA, the Celebrity and Mein Schiff (TUI Cruises), large shopping centres and shops, prestigious hotels such as the Maritim, as well as clinics, retirement homes and office facilities are also among our customers. DAUERFLORA's range comprises a vast selection of live plants, artificial plants and preserved plants, as well as planters, furniture, LEDs and accessories. In addition to advice, planning and implementation of individual greening concepts, DAUERFLORA also offers comprehensive services such as plant maintenance, customer-friendly leasing, and storage and reconditioning of seasonal decoration. The two managing directors, Barbara Bressem and Dirk Ebeling, have made DAUERFLORA into what it is today: a successful and creative greening design company with global operations. With branches in Hamburg, Dania Beach/Florida and a representative office in Asia Pacifc, DAUERFLORA provides support for customers all over the world with immense success. Read current news and press articles about Dauerflora.